“Hey” everyone.    Just letting you know that Salt Lick is still afloat here in sunny, warm Naples.   Mr. M O, managing owner (aka Hank), arrives tomorrow and by the weekend we plan to set off with a compass bearing of 180 degrees.    That means SOUTH.

2 thoughts on “STILL AFLOAT!

  1. Heard tornados in Nola itself. Hope all is well at home of Meghan. You’ll be on the water the next few days. So lucky for y’all you had the BELLE MARINA. Give them hugs for me.


    1. Hey Vickie —- thanks! Meghan is OK and yes, we are super thankful for the Belle Marina facilities. They even have free wifi!!! 🙂 Picking up Hank in a couple of hours. Plans are to head out on Sat.. Providing the weather gods co-operate. Will pass along the hugs. 🙂


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