Salt Lick’s early Christmas Present

Friday, December 23, 2016

Salt Lick got her early Christmas gift of a spanking new exhaust hose!!    Today this install was completed and we are ready to travel once again.

IMG_3804 (1).jpg

This baby has an 8 inch internal diameter and is 78 1/4 inches long.

There was a ton of grunting and unkind verbiage wafting out of the engine room these past couple of days.   More so on day one when removing the old exhaust hose!!   We swear that by the time  this trip is completed,  everything on this boat will be brand new!!

Preliminary weather check for the Gulf crossing looks OK for tomorrow —- SO we plan to take off early in the AM after we recheck the wind and wave status.   Destination – Steinhathee, FL

To those of you who will also be traveling by auto, plane, or train,  we wish you safe journeys to your loved ones and friends.   Merry Christmas !!

2 thoughts on “Salt Lick’s early Christmas Present

  1. Safe travels across the gulf. Still hope maybe you might be near us come mid January. Pine island is an interesting little place. Merry Christmas!


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