Good day to all of you “loopinglines”    followers!!

Salt Lick is tied to the docks at C-QUARTERS Marina here in Carrabelle, FL      Salt Lick and her crew are going no where!!!     The winds are whipping up the Gulf, sea fog comes and goes, and in some areas there are predictions of rain and thunderstorms.   Waves are stacking up in this North-East corner of the Gulf.   UGLY…….

SO —- we sit!

Mail is being shipped, boat chores will be done, and I will have time to create my Christmas card!!!   woo hoo


4 thoughts on “SUNDAY UPDATE 12/18/16

  1. Janet/Hank — This very day I was wondering ‘Where in the heck are they?’ !!! (I hadn’t checked for a while) And here you are. . . So I’ll get my map out and track your recent travels. You are still ahead of me r/t Christmas Cards. . . . Hugs


  2. Barbara and Harriss were here yesterday and I’m waiting for John’s imminent arrival. He worked for the Air Force last night :- I . . . and got a later start today. He’ll be here ’til Mon or Tues am. Separate Christmases are hard to figure out food wise, but everyone can count on ham. Last one (John) gets the leftovers. . . I’ll be looking for your Christmas/New Years message from waterways. . .


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