BURRRRR  – even here in the panhandle of Florida —  lows in the 30’s  last night and again tonight.   Guess we should not complain, as most of the rest of the country is experiencing the fluffy white stuff coming down in many inches.

FINALLY  —  We departed Mobile on this past Wed. and cruised across the big Bay to Homeport Marina where LULU’s famous restaurant is located.   This is the restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister.  WELL —- of all the nerve — they were closed that evening for the employee Christmas party.   So, we decided we would stay a second night so that we could partake of the restaurant fare, along with friends Susie and Butch.   It was a fun evening.

Having had my salivary glands all whipped up for a “cheeseburger in paradise”  experience, I must say, I was disappointed that the cheese burger was rather ordinary.   Thinking burgers off my grill are better!!!  HA   Nothing ventured, nothing gained.   We can, though,  say that  “we have been there and done that”!

Yesterday, Dec. 9th (Friday), we cruised from LULU’s place along the Gulf Intracoastal waterway East to Florida!   It was very cold and windy, so once out of the marina and well along the path, we vacated the fly bridge for a warmer environment at the interior helm.   aaaaahhhh   much better.

WHAT THE HECK??????    Depth finder readings started going all over the place…..12ft, then a reading of 418.2, down to 145, back up to 268ft., back to 9.8……THIS went on ALL day.   Paper charts and electronic chart plotter showing the proper depths of 10-15 feet.   UGH  —- oh yeah,,,,,by now Y’ALL should know this —IT IS A BOAT!!!!   SO, the plans were revamped and we pulled into a marina in Pensacola early yesterday afternoon.   Ted , the harbormaster,  was able to locate a repair  person to come yesterday afternoon to take a look at this.  Hank attempted to clear the transducer without any luck.   Our good fortune? — it is a weekend, so no other help coming until Monday AM when a diver will see if the transducer is fouled.   In the meantime, a new one is on order for backup installation if needed.  We are here until at least Tues.   Could we travel onward?   Yes, but it is not wise.  Marinas are very scarce once we leave the Pensacola area, and cruising without a properly functioning depth finder is NUTS!

Not to be sitting around here pouting like a couple of 2 year olds – we rented a car today and went shopping, got hair cuts, made a run to the adult beverage store, etc…..THEN,,,,foodie man, Hank, sought out the oldest oyster bar in Pensacola, SHUX, where  we enjoyed a great late lunch of raw oysters while watching the first half of the Army – Navy football game.     YUM



SO SMALL TOWN AMERICA  — CHRISTMAS PARADES WITH SANTA.  Pensacola is having theirs this evening.   This one was in the suburb of Theodore, outside Mobile,AL.    Are y’all getting in the spirit????



Stay warm and safe everyone.


4 thoughts on “BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE…….

  1. Santa on a fire truck is definitely funny! You guys sure are seeing it all. Must keep track of your schedule as we will be heading to Pine Island Florida mid January for 3 months. Maybe we will see you in our canal one day?


    1. Hey Barb: who knows ??? We make plans and then the BOAT makes her own plans – ha!! So you never know!! That would be fun if we find ourselves near there by the time y’all arrive. Will keep this in mind. Great to hear from you. Be well and have a great Christmas. Look for your Christmas greeting via the blog!!! XO


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