OUR VIEW , post hurricane Matthew, from the condo balcony!!!

At least there is not a boat sitting next to the piano, or as Hank mentioned, “not a piano by the boats”!

I was not called for clean up at the office/warehouse.   There was water in the office space, but not the 8 inches that were initially reported.   Hank estimates around 6 inches of water was there.   Carpet and low lying items are being dried and/or removed.   It will be OK,,,,,just a mess to deal with.   Hank hopes to have everything “under control” by Tues. or so.

Hank Barrett — you are the best!   Thank you for all that you do.

For now, the lower hull of the boat is calling me for a wash down.   Have a good weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “OUR VIEW

  1. Janet — Did the storm and the mess end your riverboat trip? Are you back to HH for good? That photo is almost the same angle I saw from my spot on your balcony! I’m glad things are ‘sort of all right’, but you may tire of all the clean-up. Its time for ND football. Did you see the IU was actually on TV today– I was amazed it was the choice to be shown here. That’s probably it for the season. . . Hugs to you Gwen


    1. Gwen — no, our adventure will continue once Hank returns to the boat. I elected to not join Hank in the vehicle as he DROVE back to HHI from here in Alton, IL. Plans were for me to fly out today IF needed for cleanup. But Hank said it was not as bad as we had heard…altho, 6 inches of water makes a mess!!!! We were really very fortunate and are so ever grateful. Did I tell you that Twink called me?? She was concerned about the hurricane and had hoped that I had gone to your house!! HA I told her that’s my destination point if needed!!!! WE have got to plan a get together……..OK thanks for checking in on us. 🙂 hugs Janet


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