As you are aware, Hilton Head Island was hit by the eye of Hurricane Matthew approximately 4:00 AM today.

I planned to blog about our trip this evening but I just do not have the heart to do so.    This will be done later.

Here is what we know.    Our property in GA where we keep Salt Lick is OK.   Hank’s runabout skiff is still up on the rack/left.   Friends Jeanne and Russ and many others who live there are fine.   No power, so no one has returned home yet.

What we know at HHI.   No power, no one allowed back onto the Island, low lying flooding, many many trees are down blocking the roads.   #278 – the one and only main road onto the Island is blocked in several places, all docks at Blue Heron point are destroyed, docks at Palmetto Bay Marina are destroyed with boats all askew, and rumor the same for Harbor Town marina.

What we DO NOT know — status of our condo and office/warehouse property.

Your head tells you this — you have insurance, it is only “STUFF”, and you are alive.  But inside your body, your head races around a gazillion scenarios and puts one’s emotions on this very large high roller coaster.   I don’t like roller coasters.

SO — Hank and I are physically here in the mid-West sitting on the Illinois River gearing up to cruise further South very early tomorrow AM.   But my heart is back on my Island!!

I thank all  who have expressed concerns, sent notes, made phone calls, etc. to inquire as to whether or not we were safe and what was going on.   That means so much.   Thank you.

Good night.



4 thoughts on “HURRICANE MATTHEW- OCT. 8,2016

    1. Thanks Dick and Carole……no one allowed back on the Island yet – so we are anxious to hear more about our property status….along with the other 33,000 plus residents.!!!! Thank you so much for your concerns. Fingers crossed.


  1. Janet –I was glad to get your good and not so good news and have been saying prayers for those who have lost everything. I’ve got a carload of things to take to the local collection point shortly. Again I’ve gotten behind in tracking you as finding the rivers is difficult, unless they are fairly large. I did find the Illinois River as it heads south out of Peru toward Peoria. (As a kid, we drove thru Peoria often on the way to see grandparents in Missouri.) I’m thinking fairly soon you’be bearing to the left for a southeasterly route? Or maybe you’re heading for the Mississippi? I am able to track the Illinois R all the way down to the Mississippi. . . Continued safe travels to you. . . Hugs Gwen


    1. Gwen — on Illinois river in Grafton, IL unfortunately — have water damage in office warehouse — so off to Hilton Head we go. tomorrow. 😦 I may or may not go…. trying to decide. love ya — find us on the map, 🙂 J


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