View along the Illinois River where the trees are in the early stage of color changes.  Good that Salt Lick is headed South!

Salt Lick docked for an extra day due to heavy rains.   THUS — letting the crew of Salt Lick watch the progress of Hurricane Matthew.   Prayers that everyone involved will be safe and secure.

3 thoughts on “HAVE YOU NOTICED?

  1. The marina at Dataw is destroyed. Boats left in water and not hauled on the hard are either sunk or missing. Grand Banks trawler Sweet Pea is one of those


    1. Elizabeth — Hank and I from Salt Lick were thinking about you guys and Sweet Pea and wondering how y’all were doing. I know Sweet Pea was found and floated off for damage control and repair. Our thoughts are with you as you move thru the process of getting her back in shape. We are presently in St. Augustine, FL and will be here several weeks as Hank has business to conduct and I will make a short trip to visit a friend for a special birthday. We will be here for the MTOA RENDEZVOUS which is April 10 – 12th. Then will begin our journey North and back to home base. Hard to believe that our Great Loop adventure is almost completed. We have NO marina to return to at HHI,,,,,so my next task is to find a place where we can off load our STUFF. Thankfully our dock at our property in GA was not damaged so once off loading of Salt Lick is done, we can be docked there. Anyway — just thinking of you guys and hope you are doing well. 🙂 Janet and Hank


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