Well, not yet, but we are getting closer.  Today, after 5 days of waiting out Mother Nature, we departed Holland, MI.  Out onto Lake Michigan we went, along with Moondance, another trawler who is also doing the Great Loop.  Mike and Debbie Sage buddy boated with us today and will do so again tomorrow as we cross the Lake to Chicago.  Tonight we are docked in St. Joe, MI at the West Basin Marina.  We enjoyed our first “pot-luck” dinner on the Great Loop with the Moondance crew.  They are originally from Ohio, Butler County,  where Mike was a judge and Debbie taught school.   We enjoyed their company along with old dog Lilly who sleeps a lot, is very hard of hearing and also has cataracts.   This Spaniel reminds me a lot of some of our friends.!!!!

This past Thursday evening Hank and I went to the Macatawa Bay Yacht club where we enjoyed music by Rick , a drink at the bar and a light supper.   Several of the members stopped to just say hello, and this one couple who had been sitting across the bar from us, come by and after chatting a bit, invited us to their home for dinner Friday evening.   “We will pick you up at 5:30”, they said.  OK — that is a plan.    We wondered if they would remember the invitation they had extended.

Sure enough, last evening, Chuck and Kay Danby took us to their restored lake cottage that was built in 1902.  It is up on the dunes overlooking Lake Michigan.  There are 3 floors with most of the walls contructed with the old pine bead boarding, not only on the walls, but in some rooms  also on the ceilings.   This couple is a hoot.  He is retired Navy and had his own business.  Presently he works with one of their sons restoring old homes in Chicago.  Kay is a retired teacher and with her artistic theatrical bent, just a ton of fun.  She got her Masters at IU, but she and Chuck met while attending University of Michigan.  We feel honored to have been invited into their world and to glimpse a bit of old cottage life along Lake Michigan.

The author of the Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, had a summer cottage in this same neighborhood and it is believed that he wrote the Wizard of Oz at his place there along the lake.   There was a factory in Holland that made yellow bricks…….uuummmmm   the “yellow brick road”!   The fireplace in the Danby’s cottage is constructed of yellow bricks.   One sees this on the upper level bed room area.   The bricks in the living room have been painted white.  Chuck and Kay shared with us that the original owner of their cottage was a  publisher.   Not proven yet, but perhaps the publisher might have published Mr. Baum’s book!!!    If nothing else, this makes for a fabulous story and one that we are all “sticking to”!!!!!                    Thank you both for a delightful evening.

KAY AND CHUCK DANBY                                                      HOLLAND, MI     (9/30/16)



2 thoughts on “DO WE SEE THE SEARS TOWER??

    1. I must say that these types of encounters and meetings with PERFECT strangers are so making the BEST part of this trip. Just adding so much to they entire adventure. Guess you are doing a big time catch up on the blog tonight, huh?? XO


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