THE APEX — and the past 4 days!!!!!

Well “hey”  there y’all!!!

It has been 4 days since I last blogged.   Today is September 1, 2016.   For the past 4 days we have been cruising Lake Huron with our destination being Mackinac Island, MI.

After leaving Beach Harbor, MI we cruised to Harrisville, MI and stayed at the State Marina there.   The State of Michigan has many state and city marinas that are very reasonable and also very good facilities.  This was a long day of 70 miles, but was comfortable and easy  cruising in a straight line.   We saw only one fishing boat and one sailboat out on the waters.   We rode our bikes into town and ate at a restaurant called “SHOTMAKERS”…  THIS DINNER is now our standard for judgment regarding fried lake perch dinners.   The best we have encountered so far!!!

We met a couple on a sailboat, the one we saw out on the water, Cheryl and Larry Timm.   They had been sailing in Lake Superior most of the summer and were headed for home – Bay City, MI.    SURPRISINGLY—- they did NOT know my friend Bayne!!!!!   Cheryl is president of the Great Lakes Cruising Association.  She very kindly offered her dock that she has at Duncan Bay, in Cheboygan, MI for a night as we cruised on towards Mackinac Island.   The generosity and kindness of water friends along the way is amazing!!   THANK YOU CHERYL.

Before arriving in Duncan Bay, we spent a night at Presque Isle State Marina.

I ONLY mention this, as when we departed Presque Isle…..we encountered waves of 4-5 feet, higher winds, etc. than what was predicted and broadcasted over the weather stations and NOAA.   Talk about a rough ride — for 50 miles!!!!    Any and everything that was not tied down or secured was tossed all over the boat.    We were not in any danger, it was just a very long day of some very rough seas.   Must say that we were mighty happy to be docked in Duncan Bay Boat Club marina.

We hired a cab — driver named Henry — to get us to Walmart for some supplies.  We then headed to “This Old House” restaurant where Henry said had the best pizza ever!  And IT was very good!.    Henry then picked us up to return us to the marina.   His wife had delivered a baby girl that VERY morning!!!    Welcome to this World , Ms. Madeline Marie!


We made a short trip this AM  (20 miles) to Mackinac Island State marina.   We were very lucky to get dockage here on the Island due to this being the Labor Day holiday weekend.

THE APEX            WE are at the apex — the most Northern point of this Great Loop adventure!!  For one thing, I am cold.   We traveled with long sleeves and our foul weather jackets on.  From this point on, we are headed SOUTH!!   🙂       WOO HOO




Wanted you to know I was thinking about y’all yesterday evening when I knew there MUST have been a concert at the city marina area.   SO —- here is a look at what our  Wednesday evening band concert looked like!!!!!!    Hope all is well in your World.   🙂



When departing Mackinac Island we will be moving into the last of our Great Lake travels – i.e. Lake Michigan.   Tomorrow we plan to further explore Mackinac Island, hopefully have dinner in the Grand Hotel, and maybe do a little shopping.   There are NO cars on this Island other than ONE police car and fire and rescue vehicles.   ALL transport is via horse and buggy/wagons and / or bikes.   EVEN when boats deliver restaurant supplies , food supplies for shops, etc….ALL goods are delivered via horse and wagon.   We witnessed this today when we saw a horse drawn wagon carrying lumber and building supplies along with some boxes of canned food goods!


2 thoughts on “THE APEX — and the past 4 days!!!!!

  1. Janet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit belated but very heartfelt. Miss you and Hank. Wayne and I enjoy following your travel and adventures. We finally got off the CLM dock ourselves. We are in Brewerton, NY after going through 22 Erie Canal locks and across Oneida Lake. Retirement is all we hoped it would be as is boating. Stay healthy and safe. CC Cronin your Florence Nightengale colleague.


    1. Hey CC I have been having problems with my cell –and tried to send you an email last night,,,but not sure it went. SO -will respond this way. Thank you so much for your b’day wishes. I am still celebrating. ha Happy to hear you have let the lines loose from CLM and are out enjoying the waterways. We both loved the Erie Canal experience. We stayed at Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton. Where are you guys?? Nice folks there. The locks are an experience, but after doing all 35 of them, we were ready to have a break from it all. 🙂 Give our best to the “gang” at CLM when you return. Great to hear from you. Our best to Wayne. Janet OH — and I am glad you are easing into that retirement thing!!! 🙂


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