Last week-end in August

Saturday morning, 8/27/16, we departed Detroit and within a few miles were in Lake Saint Clair.  As we were leaving the marina we were approached by the Coast Guard , who were actually wondering if we would be returning later that day, as they were blocking the Detroit River again for the hydro-plane boat races.  We advised them of our plans and also got information regarding a “cut” on the St. Clair River and whether or not we could cruise it, as it is in Canada.   They advised us that it was not a problem to follow that route, that it was quicker and also safer.   SO — we went to Canada once again.

ALERT ALERT ALERT  —–by about 1:00 PM we received radio transmission of severe weather heading our direction.   Thunderstorms, high winds, etc.  By about 2:30PM the sky was dark and we knew we would not be able to make our planned destination without being rained on and miserable.   We elected to stop in at Saint Clair City Marina after calling another marina whereby they suggested we go there as it was closer to where we were.   We tried and tried to hail them on the radio without success, so we just went there anyway.

We needed to wait for a bridge opening, which was within about 10 minutes.   SO – Hank says “just hold the boat right here while I get lines ready, etc..”

HOLD THE DANG BOAT —- I CAN’T EVEN GET IT IN GEAR!!   IT WON’T GO FORWARD, NOR WILL IT GO INTO REVERSE!          YIKES       Ever the quick thinking man on board took off from the fly bridge to the engine room  lickity-split and using a cable tie, put the loose bolt back for the gear engagement.  All gear positions  were back in operation  –   JUST in time for the bridge opening and for us to scoot up the Pine River.  We spotted a space along the North wall of the town docks and got Salt Lick tied to the wall.  We never did reach the marina office.   The phone number posted on the power box was “disconnected”!    So – what the heck, we stayed put for the night.   Within about 30 minutes, the heavy rains and thunder came rolling in.


We had dinner at Pepper Joe’s and when the rains stopped took a short walk around the neighborhood.  While doing so we saw a big banner announcing a lighted boat parade for the evening.   So the need to scoot into this town for “safe harbor” resulted in a fun evening and a good old fashioned small town AMERICA parade!!    Just so you know, there were only 10 boats in this parade, but what fun the locals were having.   Well, yours truly and Hank too.   The parade is held every final Saturday in the month of August in honor of Bill Cedars who died a few years ago.   The story goes that he loved Pine River as well as St. Clair River and would take his 6 children out in all manners of boats to fish and play on the waters.  He co-owned a bar where now Pepper Joe’s stands and was also a volunteer fireman for many years.   Anyone can participate in the parade,,,,there is NO theme,   no fee to participate, just light up your boat and get in line.  They even open the bridge and stop all of the traffic for the boats to cruise thru to go our to the St. Clair River, where they turn around and come back (with the traffic stopped AGAIN) thru the bridge.

For those of you who have attended the Shellman Bluff St. Patrick’s Day parade, it is like that one —- you get to see it going and again coming!!


CLICK ON THE VIDEO TO SEE “OUR” VOTE FOR FIRST PLACE —- MR. CEDAR’S DAUGHTERS ARE THE JUDGES OF WHO WINS FIRST PLACE!!   Then everyone meets at a local bar and marina to party afterwards.   They were doing karaoke !!!!   This is Lady Liberty!


Sunday –  8/28/16

We cruised today for 8 hours and 45 minutes.  This was made so much more pleasant by eating our fill of TIM HORTON DOUGHNUTS that Hank bought this morning before leaving St. Clair.   NO lunch  — just a belly full of doughnuts.   oh gee

We had a few short miles to go to the opening of Lake Huron via  this St. Clair River.   There was some mild current going against us, but more so as the river narrowed and we reach the mouth of the river where it opens into Lake Huron.   By 10:00AM this morning we were in this 206 mile long Lake.  It is 183 miles wide.  Lake Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes in surface area and is the 5th largest Lake in the World.  We are on our way to Lake Michigan.

The waters of both the St. Clair River and of Lake Huron are a beautiful dark teal blue color.  Not the deep Indigo blue of the Pacific, but a color chip near that!!   We were pleasantly surprised by the depth and width of the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers.  As we moved into Lake Huron, we waved goodbye to the Canadian shores we had been viewing on our starboard side.

This evening we are docked in Beach Harbor, Michigan.  Good night all.

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