Hank (Managing Owner – per Coast Guard vessel documentation)  not only is the sometimes blog editor, he is the trouble shooting mechanic, the engine oil changer, the pump out guy aka the waste system manager, the line/dock director when we are docking, the navigator, my second pair of eyes on the waterways, and many other roles as we make this trip.  This boat is a floating self contained city.  Salt Lick has her own power system, generating system, water system, waste system, electrical system, heating and a/c system, and the list goes on and on.   Our duties are mostly shared, but I must confess that I have only been in the engine room ONCE.    Thank you Hank for all that you do!

One of my “new” friends, Jim Holler, says after reading the blogs, he didn’t know what Hank looked like.   OH MY —— well, IF he had more friends around the World, there would be more pictures of him, ha , ha…..SO —- here is Hank!!


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