I feel like I have been adopted by the Holler clan.  First met Dan , then Dana and wife Marci, AND  then Dad.

Yesterday Dana and Marci invited me to a family birthday party for Dan’s wife, Nicole, who was turning 50.  The gathering was being held at the family boat house area.  Dad, Mr. Jim Holler,  along with another friend of his,  bought this property many years ago and it is used only in the warm months of the year.  Jim Holler has a great old boat house.  Also son Dan has a boat house close by.    Dan’s boat house was raised/elevated several feet a few years ago.  They all have sleeping areas above the boats with decks hanging out over the water.   The birthday party was fun. Mr. Jim Holler’s father was a boat designer and engineer.  In his boat house sits this beautiful wooden boat that his father built in the 1930’s, I think.  This boat is a labor of love for the family to keep up – not only the mechanics of it, but the wood and interiors.  “Matapan” is a much loved vessel!!   The name comes from an Indian term for place of rest — if my memory serves me correctly.  Jim Holler came over to see Salt Lick today.  We had a great visit and chat.  Mr. Holler also drove me around the neighborhood providing history of the area and showing my where the old canal had been many years ago.  He also kindly stopped by the grocery store so that I could get a few items.   THANK YOU ,  Sir!!


Saturday there was a poker run boat race from out on the Niagra River, into the Erie Canal and back where the boats got a “card” from a restaurant just about a block from where the boat is docked.   These boats were the large , loud, river racing boats that are painted in bright colors.  It was a very colorful event.  I counted  53 boats, give or take a few, that cruised by this harbor.   It was also done for a charity.

One sad thing was that one of the boats flipped over out on the river.  The winds were extremely high that day too.  There were two people in the boat.  One is OK, but the other has head and other injuries.   He is in an induced coma now, so hopefully there will soon be signs of a more stable state.


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