AND THEN – there are new friends…..

All along our travels we meet many helpful and kind people.  Here are a few.

Lisa —– who I met on Wed. evening at the music concert here at the harbor.   She picked me up Thurs. AM to drive me back to West Marine to return a power cord adaptor that was the wrong one.   She also stopped so I could buy ice for the big cooler.   She lives near here, and is a special – ed teacher.   How very kind of her.   Her dog is named Bradley — big fella and some combination of golden and black lab or something.   That dog was funny — he THOUGHT he was going to the park, so when we didn’t go there he started pouting.  Seriously — hung his head, didn’t want to be friendly, just like a little kid.   It was hilarious.

Dana and Marci Holler ——they are friends with Lisa and had docked their boat in front of ours for the music concert on Wed. evening.  I actually met Dana’s brother, Dan, earlier in the day as he came by on his jet ski introducing himself and saying how he liked the boat.   He told me his brother Dana would be at the concert and that he was an OK guy.   Just like a brother, huh?   As the evening went on, Dana and Marci had other friends joining them, all of whom live over on Grand Island.   Very nice people.

First the men-folk wanted to tour the boat….then later the ladies came for a visit and tour.   I should have charged admission!!    It was a fun evening.   THEN, on Thurs. evening, Dana and Marci show up again in their boat and say — “come on, jump on, and we will take you for a ride.”    “Hold on,” I say.  ” Let me make a drink.”   And off we went.   Dana and Marci both grew up around here and are true river rats.  Dana’s grandfather used to build boats and Marci’s grandfather was a ship’s captain on Lake Michigan.   They love the water and are on it as much as they can be.  We went out into the Niagra River and up towards the falls.   Then we stopped at Dana’s cousin John’s house.   AND then we went next door to the neighbors for a visit.   By this time it was dark and back to Salt Lick they brought me.   Very willing to help out if I need anything.

Walter Frantz — Walter stopped by yesterday as I was working on getting the replacement  “Y” adaptor installed at the power post and onto the boat.  He tried to help me sort out a collar to the cord that we never could get to work.   Not a big deal.   ANYWAY —- this morning here he shows up with a small roll of electrical tape so that I could secure it with that.   By this time the power had died at the post so it didn’t really matter.   He said he would be back.   About 45 minutes later he shows up with hot coffee — aaahhh nice — some tools and a voltage meter to check the power post.   We determined that the other post was working so he helped me to hook up to the other post.   NICE guy.   He works at a brass factory and one of his two sons is studying to be a vet.

Thank you NEW friends.   Life is good.

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