Minor fix vrs. major surgery!

After a few days, the generator has been “fixed” and we are ever so grateful that there is not a NEW one onboard!   Diagnosis was a bad voltage regulator requiring replacement along with a fuze and engine speed adjustment.

Today we will depart Winter Harbor Marina and continue West on the Erie Canal.   I guess you could call us CANAL-ERS now.   We have cruised to an elevation – so far – of 420 ft. above sea level!    I think I am having altitude sickness.    Robert Martinez – take note!

Salt Lick is at the ready for future LOW bridges.  Her mast has been lowered, and Morton, the dinghy, now rides on the swim platform.



Our view across the dock is of this lovely natural water garden in the wet-lands.   Tom, the owner, says that they cut the vegetation a few times each year with machetes and it always comes back lush and colorful.




We have cruised under several  GUARD GATES along the canal.   There are a total of 19 of them.  All have been in the up position except for one.  The purpose of the guard gates is to protect the locks and properties from flood waters.   This is accomplished by closing them and diverting the flood waters to the natural rivers that run alongside the canal.  They remind me of guillotines!!



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