reporting from near Albany, NY

Greetings from Coeymans, NY and Coeymans Landing Marina – pronounced “qui-mans”.

We arrived here late afternoon yesterday, July 11th, on a very LOW tide.  The marina sent out a guy in a dinghy to guide us in.   uuuummmm   They somehow neglected to share this info with us earlier.   I have another fan club here regarding my docking skills.   There were   4 guys greeting us at the fuel dock and then they were going to pull our boat around to tie it up on the other side of the dock and then they were going to pull it again into this other slip directly in back of the fuel dock.   SO —- in the process of this odd maneuver, I said, why can’t I just back the boat into the slip where you want it.   I think these guys were rather concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it.   🙂   They also were concerned that the tides were moving too fast.   OH MY —- tides in this area are nothing compared to what we deal with in  our home waters.

WONDERFUL excitement yesterday on our cruise here from Kingston — we saw at least  7, maybe 8,  Bald Eagles!!!!   2 of them were young ones being guided by an elder in how to hunt and fish.  Loved seeing this.

In our journey yesterday we realized that now this river Hudson is mostly flowing South.   We are nearing the end, or really the beginning, of this body of water.  The East and West shorelines are closer together and the river is beginning to slightly narrow.   Still wide enough for barge traffic.

Speaking of barge traffic.   The barge Captains announce over the VHF radios every time they are approaching a bridge.  They state their barge name, what they are carrying, and that they are South – bound for the City!!!   Meaning, New York City.   It makes me smile.   In a few months, I will have to report what the barge captains state while going down the Mississippi!    Wonder if they are “South-bound for the City” too???   IE New Orleans.

We are here for 2 weeks at this marina.  No boat issues, so thankfully not having to hire any mechanics, etc..   Thought we might need an air conditioning guy — but the good fairy came along and “fixed” the lower level unit!!    Boats have gremlins who do “shit” to you boat even while you sleep,,,,and then there are fairies who surprise you and make things work again.   Go figure???     Hank is off working this week.   I am doing boat chores and errands and shopping.   When he returns next week, I leave for school gathering and visit with young friends.




Parking lot Nazi at it again…………

Thank you Greg Ford for noting the violation sticker on Hank’s truck and then passing that information along to David Harter.

Thank you David, for alerting us to the problem………

And thank you nephew Ethan for planning your vacation stay at our place so you could move the truck for us so quickly and easily.   Wasn’t THAT timely????   🙂

We are blessed with good good friends and family!!!!



Another blog and update to follow later today.

Kingston, NY

Due to my technological ineptness, my day off for illness and difficulty at a couple of marinas getting internet service, even tho’ we have a booster, I am catching up tonight while I have the chance.   🙂

For the record, we are enjoying this experience.   We basically take each day as it comes , except for the fact that we need to be in certain places at certain times for work and other related activities.  But that is what life is about, even on a boat!

We departed Half Moon Bay Saturday morning, July 9, 2016.  We traveled a peaceful, rather cold and cloudy 51 miles. The first structural view was West Point, on the West side of the Hudson River.


We also were able to see the CIA from the river along with the “top” of Roosevelt’s home thru the trees.  The rest of the day cruising was spent watching trains go along the tracks, enjoying scenery, and planning for the night’s stay.


Today is Sunday, July 10, 2016.  We are in Kingston, NY at RondOut Yacht Basin.  We were here last night and again tonight.   Today we lowered the dingy and rode across this river, Rondout Creek, to a restaurant named “OLE SAVANNAH SOUTHERN TABLE AND BAR”  for brunch.   Feeling MUCH better today, we both enjoyed the food.

This building was once the headquarters for Thomas Cornell and the Cornell Steamboat Company.   He made most of his money owning, operating and maintaining the towboats that moved the barges and passengers up and down the Hudson River.  His route covered  Albany to NYC.  The years of his success were in the 1800’s when steam boating and river travel and trade were at their peak.   Even today, many goods are transported via barge and the tow boats.   ANYWAY — this old building is in fabulous condition and has been repurposed into this great restaurant, sitting right along Rondout Creek.   This creek is very deep and today continues to have barge traffic.

After lunch, we walked thru the small old village, and then rode up and down the creek in the dingy viewing the boats and marinas along the river.

It was a great day.  🙂

Tomorrow we are off to Albany.


CIA aka- Culinary Institute of America

Friday, July 8, 2016

We rented a car for the day to have lunch at Bocuse restaurant where the students of the CIA prepare and serve the food, and to make a visit to West Point.  We arrived rather early for our lunch reservation and happened to notice that we were next to FDR’s home in Hyde Park.  We stopped for a short visit and toured a part of the museum there.   We did not have time to tour his home, but thought we might go back.  (That didn’t happen as you will see from the next comments.)


Our lunch reservation at Bocuse was for 11:30, so off we went to the CIA.  The setting for this school is on 170 acres that over look the Hudson River.  it is so beautiful.  I believe the original property was once a Jesuit school.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

My morning did not begin well — awoke with severe nausea and as the time went along, my status was NOT improving.  I have to guess that I am the ONLY person in the entire World who spent her entire lunch reservation in the ladies room with upper and lower GI issues!!!!    What a bloody disappointment for me.   The only thing I was able to consume was a glass of ginger ale.   Nicely served, I might add!!!    Hank, on the other hand, was not deterred by my malaise and enjoyed his lunch to the fullest!!!!!

Needless to say, we did not make it back to Roosevelt’s home nor to West Point.  Bed was my friend for the rest of the day and night.!!!!!   Hank ran the errands to provision the boat and found the ice supply for our departure the next day.



Lady Liberty

Thursday, July 7th, 0945 —-cruised under the Verrazano Bridge, into NY Harbor and the Hudson River.  The waters are VERY choppy here, but lucky us, no ships and only a few ferry boats to contend with.  The day was hot and hazy, so the photos are not as good as one would like.  I think THEY will tell the journey for us.



NOTE:   I have been fussing for a couple of days to upload a couple of short videos I made as we cruised by the Statue of Liberty.   ALAS – will have to put those on another blog when I get it all figured out.    😦

IMG_4410 (1).jpg

Hank and I toured Ellis Island  several years ago.  Would highly encourage you to visit there if you ever have the opportunity.  It is well worth the effort to do so.   🙂

We soon cruised under the George and Martha Washington Bridge.  George is on top and Martha is on the bottom!!     hee hee


Soon we were seeing smaller buildings that were packed less tightly and more green and lush trees and foliage.  The Palisades State Park was on our left and quiet an extensive piece of property.  We continued our Northward travels and docked at Half Moon Bay located at Croton of Hudson, NY.

One really funny and strange thing to me was when we had left the City area and we were just cruising along enjoying the sights, this loud train whistle blew and about made me jump out of my seat!!   NOT generally expecting a train whistle while out on one’s boat…….but right along both sides of the Hudson River run these rail tracks.   On the Eastern side runs Amtrak, while long freight trains run along the Western shore.   The Hudson is much wider than I thought it would be.   It is also very deep.



Thar She Blows::::

Yesterday, July 5th, we cruised further North on the inside passage of NJ.  The cruising  was much more pleasant than the day before.  We traveled 65 miles, so it was a long day, but we made it to Mansquan, NJ at Clark’s Landing and Marina.   In this marina we were the ONLY cruising boat there.   All other boats in the marina were off shore fishing boats.   We chatted with a couple of the guides and locals — tuna are the main fish on the hook right now.   Charter captain “Dean” was headed out the next day with a charter.   Our boat was an odd looking vessel amongst those big time rod holding fast going fish boats!!

7/5/14  Manasquan Sunset

wed. July 6, 2016

This morning we left from Manasquan inlet out to the Atlantic Ocean for a run up the rest of the coast of NJ into Sandy Hook Channel and the Southern part of the New York Harbor.

As we were cruising North we could barely see the sky line of NY city off in the distance.  It was very hazy, so visibility was limited.

Hank noticed a multitude of large schools of fish alongside our boat.   Also he witnessed a large fish swim into this school of fish and no doubt gooble up a nice lunch for himself!!

I was somewhat apprehensive turning into Sandy Hook Channel and one of the many shipping channels going into the New York harbor area.   Lucky us, there was no ship’s traffic and only fishing boats to contend with.   Tomorrow’s journey will no doubt be more of a challenge.

This evening we are docked at the Great Kills Yacht Club and marina.   These folks are SO friendly and welcoming.  We had cocktails at their 100 year old bar and facility.   NOT that the bar was that old, but the club and original part of the building have been on this site since 1906.   We were greeted by John, and a Johnny and a Tony and then there was another Johnny at the bar, who is good buddies with Toney , and there was Klaus who came from Germany when he was 15 years old.   He is now 80 and still doing wood working – his passion.  Also there was Nat and then Joe,  the bartender.

BIG thrill today was the HUMP BACK WHALE that crossed over our bow as we were coming up Raritan Bay!!!   She surfaced about 4 times, no flukes or breaching, but OH how magnificent to have this happen.   Oh course there was no camera at the ready….. but the memory will be there for ever.

We are actually on Staten Island this evening.   Will head up thru NY harbor and into the Hudson River tomorrow.   Stay tuned…….we just might have another whale sightiing


bump, bump “HELLO NJ”


Left Cape May, NJ and cruised on the inside passage to Atlantic City, NJ.   This passage is very narrow and very shallow in many areas.   It is not attractive at all, and was a lot of mental work as well as physical.   We bumped twice and then at marker #2o7 BIG SPEED BUMP ALL ACROSS the channel.   A negative 1/2 foot tide to boot, so there we sat for an hour.   gggggrrrrr      Some guy from on the shore called out on the VHF radio at about the 45 minute interval  of our hour wait and said  “should have bought a car instead of a boat.”   FUNNY —

We pulled in to Atlantic City at the Farley State Park Marina which is oddly at the golden Nugget hotel and gambling casino.   So weird.   We did not visit the casino but did have our obligatory July 4th hot dogs on board.   THEN the big storms and heavy rains began.   Hank crashed early while I attempted to add to the blog.  Unfortunately, the wifi was not functioning.   About 9:30 PM during the major rain storm big BANGS AND BOOMS WERE HEARD.   One would have thought the July 4th fireworks would have been cancelled…..but aue contraire —– this went on for almost an hour.   Fireworks in back of the hotel and then across the waterway on the boardwalk side too!!   In the middle of all of this, a lot of the boats in the marina started blaring their horns.   It was WILD!

Happy Birthday America!!

This was a very long day of travel involving a serpentine route, involving constant monitoring of depths, especially, fish traps and worst of all, fishing boats anchored in the channels!!   Toss in the jet skies, pleasure boats out for the Fourth celebrations, all of the amateurs, IT WAS NUTS!!!