7/28/16 AND 7/29/16

7/28/16 -Thursday

We went thru 9 locks today.  We cruised 66 miles for 10 hours and 50 minutes.   LONG LONG DAY!

This night we docked at St. Johnsville Marina, St. Johnsville, NY.  Along the way we saw a bald eagle and many groups of goslings along the canal banks.


We met this fella by the name of Clark who came into the marina when we did in his canoe!   This guy was very interesting. He is from Toronto and after canoeing the canals of Canada, decided he wanted to do the same on the Erie canal.  He had a friend  drive him to Tonawanda, NY where he put in.   He carries a tent and quickly sets up his tent and camp fire for the night.  He plans to go all the way to Albany.   He also said he might just go down to NJ where he has family or friends or some such, but he worries about the return trip.!!!    He does have a small motor on the canoe, but we think he paddles most of the time.

Hank and I rode our bikes into town for pizza, but there was no pizza at this place.  Instead we had some GREAT steamed clams with a couple of beers.   YUM    We asked Clark if he needed anything from town.   Said he wanted “A ” beer.  So we gave him a Shiner.   Had never had a Shiner before.   He left us a note with his email address and a thank you.   I will send him an email in a few days to see how far he has gotten.

Have I mentioned the trains???   Freight trains, passenger trains, they are coming and going non-stop, day and night.   The tracks are near the canal , so we hear them frequently.   At this St. Johnsville Marina, the tracks were a block away reminding us how in the early development of our USA, just how vital the waterways and railways were.   And I guess we must thank the Irish who mostly provided the manual labor to get these things constructed!!!   Thank You.      I waved at one of the train engineers and he blasted his whistle twice —- so what the heck – I blasted my boat horn back at him, twice!!



7/29/16   Friday

Happy Birthday Gloria…..

Today’s travels took us thru 5 locks, one of which was a 40 foot rise.  We stopped at Ilion City Marina, where we had a free tie up for a couple of hours while we biked to town  for a nice lunch and to make a gin run.

Since this day was also very long – another 66 miles,   we tied up along the canal wall at Bellamy Park in Rome, NY.   This park has free docking and there was free power.   NICE.   After getting settled, Jack and Penny , on Ishtar (sail boat) pulled up and docked in front of us.  They joined us for lamb burgers and cocktails on our boat.   We now need to go get more gin!!!!!   They are originally from PA but have been living on their boat for about 2 years.  He is a retired geologist and she is a retired nurse.  We really enjoyed chatting with them.  We cruised thru a couple of locks together these past few days so will no doubt see them on the water again some where.

Hank needed to do a quick check with the transmission earlier today, so we pulled over to a public dock along the canal to tie up.    This place happened to be a historical site of a Revolutionary general, Gen. Herkimer.   There is also a town called Herkimer, NY.

IMG_4547 (1).jpgIMG_4556.jpg



2 thoughts on “7/28/16 AND 7/29/16

  1. Virile Verl (mom’s longtime friend) cut and polished diamonds from Herkimer. I have one. They are for industry but they look great to me. Great photos!!!! Jeanne


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