Pumps and plans

Today is Tues, July 26, 2016

We had plans to depart Coeyman’s Landing Marina Yesterday, but Hank discovered a problem with a small auxiliary oil pump used to change and add oil to the engine.   We elected to stay put and get it replaced.  The pump has arrived and the Hankster is in the engine room as I write this.

The past two weeks have been non-stop.   I have no photos to share of Hank’s week of work.  Below are a couple of pictures of my travels this past week.  Rockville, Indiana was my first stop where my high school class and many other alumni of our small school had gathered for a golf outing , class reunions and in our case, a class birthday celebration.   One of those big ones ending in a ZERO!   We had a rather small turnout compared to most of our get togethers, but that did not deter us from enjoying a great time.  Things started off a bit rocky, as Kay Martin Foxworthy, one of our classmates, passed out and had to be taken away via EMS!!!!   Kay – hope you are home by now and on the mend.   Thankfully she will do well following her mini-stroke.   WOW

Class of ’64 celebrating 70th birthdays.  PHOTO -OP WAS LIKE HERDING CATS!!

On Saturday I met the adult Mace children   ( Julia and Eddie Rush, and Paul and Katy Mace) in Columbus, Ohio where on Sunday we took their young children to the Columbus Zoo.  The big treat was a private tour and meet and greet with some animals that Jack Hannah takes out to TV shows, and animals also used in various presentations around the zoo.   What a great treat this was for all of us “kids”.    The twins, Calvin and Max, and Paul’s daughter Margot and son Luke really had fun.  It must have been 100o in the zoo that day so our after private tour time was quite short due to “melt downs” of the little ones.  Not saying that we older ones were ready to call it quits too.   🙂


Julia aka “Boo” , me and Paul
Max Rush with baby kangaroo, Mrs. Willaby
Calvin-“think I will pass on holding that kangaroo!!”
Charlie, our guide, and I think future “Jack Hannah” with a bear cat named Pendleton!

OK my family and friends.  We have put the dingy on the swim platform, the mast is ready to be lowered, the mini-puppy pump is almost installed, ice is loaded onboard and if all goes well, we will be headed to the Erie Canal bright and early in the AM.

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