Dateline – Monday, 7/18/16

Not really a “dateline” or much to comment this beautiful morning.   Will be very busy and traveling this coming week, so wanted to provide a short post before heading out.

Last Wed. evening up pulls Steve and Vivian on Bird of Prey for fuel and an overnight stop. SO much fun see them.   We cruised together along the coast of NC and to Portsmouth, VA.  They are also “doing the loop”.  Steve is an MD and returns to Arkansas regularly.   We last saw them in Virginia.  Due to our stops and theirs I think we will be leap frogging this couple all Summer.   We dined at Yanni’s Too, the riverside restaurant here at the marina, caught up on life and then I bid them safe travels as they departed early the next morning for the Erie Canal.   My guess is that we will catch them in Buffalo, as Steve has to go back home for a couple of weeks work then.  It is a tortoise race, so will let you know IF that happens.   🙂

DOCK EXCITEMENT:       Floyd , an approximately 80-82 year old gentleman, came limping into the marina last evening.  He had lost an engine (looks like about a 40 ft. boat), his radio wasn’t working, he JUST got out of the hospital with a cardiac event, he had sent up flares, but no one responded or saw them, he was visibly shaking and a mess!!    Thankfully he did make it to port, but obviously had not really followed very good water rules — no back up radio,  he was out alone,  new boat and had not “test driven” the thing……   He did have on his life jacket.   Poor guy was really scared.

Hank returns tomorrow from his work and on Wed. I head to the mid-West for hometown gathering with classmates and then to the Columbus Zoo for a Jack Hannah tour with my surrogate “kids” and grandkids, the Mace children.

PS —no photo yet as that ship is still at the large work docks up the river awaiting its cargo.

PREPARED  SCOUTS — YES WE ARE           For safety’s sake, we took delivery on a new propeller for our boat while we were in Baltimore.   Our future cruising waters have “hard” bottoms, not the mud and sand of the home waters we are so used to.   We have  no intension of hitting any rocks or structures, but in case we do —- we are prepared with a new prop for installation, Johnny on the spot!!!!!    It took about 7 weeks to get this one.    ISN’T IT A BEAUTY???


2 thoughts on “Dateline – Monday, 7/18/16

  1. Oh, how very new it looks. I should be afraid to put it on a shaft., one never knows what lurks below. I’ll head for Montana next Weds, the 27th July and will likely miss you if you hit Chicago Labor Day. All the best….Larry Shaffield!!!


    1. Thanks Larry — keep tabs on the blog, as we may be in Chicago later than we think. 🙂 MONTANA — one of my favorite states. Have enjoyed fly fishing there on a few occasions. Enjoy. Janet and Hank


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