reporting from near Albany, NY

Greetings from Coeymans, NY and Coeymans Landing Marina – pronounced “qui-mans”.

We arrived here late afternoon yesterday, July 11th, on a very LOW tide.  The marina sent out a guy in a dinghy to guide us in.   uuuummmm   They somehow neglected to share this info with us earlier.   I have another fan club here regarding my docking skills.   There were   4 guys greeting us at the fuel dock and then they were going to pull our boat around to tie it up on the other side of the dock and then they were going to pull it again into this other slip directly in back of the fuel dock.   SO —- in the process of this odd maneuver, I said, why can’t I just back the boat into the slip where you want it.   I think these guys were rather concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it.   🙂   They also were concerned that the tides were moving too fast.   OH MY —- tides in this area are nothing compared to what we deal with in  our home waters.

WONDERFUL excitement yesterday on our cruise here from Kingston — we saw at least  7, maybe 8,  Bald Eagles!!!!   2 of them were young ones being guided by an elder in how to hunt and fish.  Loved seeing this.

In our journey yesterday we realized that now this river Hudson is mostly flowing South.   We are nearing the end, or really the beginning, of this body of water.  The East and West shorelines are closer together and the river is beginning to slightly narrow.   Still wide enough for barge traffic.

Speaking of barge traffic.   The barge Captains announce over the VHF radios every time they are approaching a bridge.  They state their barge name, what they are carrying, and that they are South – bound for the City!!!   Meaning, New York City.   It makes me smile.   In a few months, I will have to report what the barge captains state while going down the Mississippi!    Wonder if they are “South-bound for the City” too???   IE New Orleans.

We are here for 2 weeks at this marina.  No boat issues, so thankfully not having to hire any mechanics, etc..   Thought we might need an air conditioning guy — but the good fairy came along and “fixed” the lower level unit!!    Boats have gremlins who do “shit” to you boat even while you sleep,,,,and then there are fairies who surprise you and make things work again.   Go figure???     Hank is off working this week.   I am doing boat chores and errands and shopping.   When he returns next week, I leave for school gathering and visit with young friends.



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