Thar She Blows::::

Yesterday, July 5th, we cruised further North on the inside passage of NJ.  The cruising  was much more pleasant than the day before.  We traveled 65 miles, so it was a long day, but we made it to Mansquan, NJ at Clark’s Landing and Marina.   In this marina we were the ONLY cruising boat there.   All other boats in the marina were off shore fishing boats.   We chatted with a couple of the guides and locals — tuna are the main fish on the hook right now.   Charter captain “Dean” was headed out the next day with a charter.   Our boat was an odd looking vessel amongst those big time rod holding fast going fish boats!!

7/5/14  Manasquan Sunset

wed. July 6, 2016

This morning we left from Manasquan inlet out to the Atlantic Ocean for a run up the rest of the coast of NJ into Sandy Hook Channel and the Southern part of the New York Harbor.

As we were cruising North we could barely see the sky line of NY city off in the distance.  It was very hazy, so visibility was limited.

Hank noticed a multitude of large schools of fish alongside our boat.   Also he witnessed a large fish swim into this school of fish and no doubt gooble up a nice lunch for himself!!

I was somewhat apprehensive turning into Sandy Hook Channel and one of the many shipping channels going into the New York harbor area.   Lucky us, there was no ship’s traffic and only fishing boats to contend with.   Tomorrow’s journey will no doubt be more of a challenge.

This evening we are docked at the Great Kills Yacht Club and marina.   These folks are SO friendly and welcoming.  We had cocktails at their 100 year old bar and facility.   NOT that the bar was that old, but the club and original part of the building have been on this site since 1906.   We were greeted by John, and a Johnny and a Tony and then there was another Johnny at the bar, who is good buddies with Toney , and there was Klaus who came from Germany when he was 15 years old.   He is now 80 and still doing wood working – his passion.  Also there was Nat and then Joe,  the bartender.

BIG thrill today was the HUMP BACK WHALE that crossed over our bow as we were coming up Raritan Bay!!!   She surfaced about 4 times, no flukes or breaching, but OH how magnificent to have this happen.   Oh course there was no camera at the ready….. but the memory will be there for ever.

We are actually on Staten Island this evening.   Will head up thru NY harbor and into the Hudson River tomorrow.   Stay tuned…….we just might have another whale sightiing


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