bump, bump “HELLO NJ”


Left Cape May, NJ and cruised on the inside passage to Atlantic City, NJ.   This passage is very narrow and very shallow in many areas.   It is not attractive at all, and was a lot of mental work as well as physical.   We bumped twice and then at marker #2o7 BIG SPEED BUMP ALL ACROSS the channel.   A negative 1/2 foot tide to boot, so there we sat for an hour.   gggggrrrrr      Some guy from on the shore called out on the VHF radio at about the 45 minute interval  of our hour wait and said  “should have bought a car instead of a boat.”   FUNNY —

We pulled in to Atlantic City at the Farley State Park Marina which is oddly at the golden Nugget hotel and gambling casino.   So weird.   We did not visit the casino but did have our obligatory July 4th hot dogs on board.   THEN the big storms and heavy rains began.   Hank crashed early while I attempted to add to the blog.  Unfortunately, the wifi was not functioning.   About 9:30 PM during the major rain storm big BANGS AND BOOMS WERE HEARD.   One would have thought the July 4th fireworks would have been cancelled…..but aue contraire —– this went on for almost an hour.   Fireworks in back of the hotel and then across the waterway on the boardwalk side too!!   In the middle of all of this, a lot of the boats in the marina started blaring their horns.   It was WILD!

Happy Birthday America!!

This was a very long day of travel involving a serpentine route, involving constant monitoring of depths, especially, fish traps and worst of all, fishing boats anchored in the channels!!   Toss in the jet skies, pleasure boats out for the Fourth celebrations, all of the amateurs, IT WAS NUTS!!!

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