Hi – my name is Janet

No last names are used, it is over eaters anonymous, and I am at my first meeting…..came to this  early morning meeting  with much remorse and groaning…..

ONLY kidding, but I should be attending their meetings.   Last evening after arriving here at Cape May, NJ, we went to a place called the Lobster House.   Old place, been in existence since 1922, and, obviously, lobster is the big deal, along with many other delicious seafood items on their menu.    For those of you who may not know, I LOVE lobster,,,,so here I was in 7th heaven.    Ordered a 1 1/2 lb. steamed lobster and proceeded to demolish that puppy in no time.   YUM YUM YUM….But then I threw on top of that , the house specialty chocolate kahlua milkshake.   Good golly ms. Molly, what was I thinking????   Well, there might have been some vodka involved.    Zantac before bed, and all pillows on the boat to provide an upright sleeping position.   I am done – and will now be on the good side of life by NOT participating in one of the 7 deadly sins – gluttony!!!

Yesterday as we cruised here  ( Cape May,NJ) on the Delaware Bay, from the C&D Canal, the Bay was like being in a wash tub.   But we did have an out going tide and the wind at our stern, so ‘ol Salt Lick was running up to 13 miles per hour.   Helped in making good time to go that long distance.   Hank spotted two dolphin which we hadn’t seen many of since leaving our home waters.  AND we saw a loggerhead turtle very close to the boat as we startled it and it dove for deeper waters.  We only had a glimpse of this turtle, but due to its size and coloring, we are pretty certain it was a loggerhead!!   YAY

There are to be fireworks this evening, so we will bundle up, as it is cool, and watch them from our cockpit.

Tomorrow we plan to cruise up the coast of New Jersey.

Wishing all a Happy July 4th.

2 thoughts on “Hi – my name is Janet

  1. I am so enjoying your posts and am hopeful you are still planning a trip to the Rock this month.
    Take care and safe journey, my friend. My best to Hank.


    1. THANKS Deb: yes, still planning on making it to Rockville. I will be in touch next week as to what and where, etc…….. today arrived at Southern part of Staten Island.


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