Salt Lick on the move………

June 30, 2016

After being docked in Baltimore for one month, Salt Lick let loose her lines this AM and headed North up the Chesapeake Bay to the C and D Canal.   C & D standing for the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  This is a man made canal , build in the early 1900’s, that connects the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.   It is deep and navigable for ships.  It was wonderful to be out in the big water today and the weather was sunny,  with mild temperatures, and very flat waters.   We did not encounter any ships and the boat traffic was very minimal.

This evening we are docked in a marina that SHOULD  have notified us that their debts were about 2 feet at low tide and that we were needing to dredge our way into the boat slip!!      ggggggrrrrr………But, we are here and enjoying some nice band music echoing from the bar and restaurant area.   We are in Chesapeake City, MD..  Tomorrow storms are predicted, but we can not stay here due to the place being booked.  We will move up the canal about an hour away to another marina to tuck in the for late afternoon storms.

Large  Japanese carrier ship heading North on C & D Canal – passing the marina dockage.

Several days ago, back at the marina in Baltimore, I met these 3 people who were such fun and a delight.   Kelly – the educator, Kamau the chemist, and Jeff the “secretive” government worker were a hoot.   Jeff insisted that we make a video which I will spare you all from watching THAT…….the first attempt, he failed to press the button properly, so we had to do a retake.   AND both of these guys claim to be good with technology???   LOTS of laughs.   Anyway —- let me introduce you !!!!!

Kelly, Kamau, and Jeff

Great recommendation for dining out if ever in Baltimore — PETIT LOUIS!   Ate there last night and it was fabulous.   Give it a try.   🙂

Good night all…………….

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