Guess who came to visit??

June 4, 2016

My favorite niece and Hank’s third daughter, along with her fiancé, Justin, drove up from Alexandria to visit us today.   We had a great visit.  Went to the Inner Harbor for a late lunch of crabs and other seafood.   Under a red tent —- looks like it is tomato paste haze! We were NOT in the red light district….it just looks that way under these red tents with the sun shining thru.


Meghan and Justin are moving in about 10 days to New Orleans.   We are thrilled to have another excuse to visit one of our favorite cities.  Get that guest room ready.  🙂

The past couple of days have been spent doing boat chores and clean up.  We got a mail delivery, so book work needed to be attended to.   And I found a nail salon for a long overdue pedicure.   UUUMMMM   perhaps this is too much information to be sharing.   ha ha

Last night our entertainment was Hank playing these duck calls on our Bose sound system trying to confuse the local Mallards here at the marina.   They were on the dock next to the boat and would crane their necks up – looking onto the boat trying to figure out where these other ducks were!   It was hilarious.   BUT this evening, they are not buying into this scam.   Smarter than the average duck if you ask me!

Here are a few other pictures of Meghan, Justin and us from this afternoon.   Thank you Justin for driving us to a Target where we could get a replacement coffee press.   The glass decanter broke on the other one.    After several days of playing “settler” by having to boil coffee grounds in a sauce pan and then straining the coffee thru Bounty paper towels before drinking….I was desperate to get the new coffee press.  We did not buy any new slippers for Hank, as he likes the bear skin ones I made him.  OH —- and due to no laundry facilities at this marina, I also washed  shirts for Mr. Hank in the galley sink.  YEP — my “settler” days are over!!!!

Justin and Meghan  ( June 4,2016)



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