Hello to June 6/2/16

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 we rented a car to explore the area on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Oxford, MD where we were docked.  After being “boat bound” for a few days due to rains, we were glad to be out and about.  The rental car was located in Easton.  After running a few errands there, we drove to St. Michaels.  This old community has a lot of charm, somewhat on a larger scale than that of Oxford.  We viewed a very good art exhibit = “Ruth Starr Rose  (1887-1965)   Revelations of African American Life in Maryland and the World”.  This was held in the Waterfowl Building and was free to the public.  Ruth Rose was a daughter of wealthy parents who instilled in her an open attitude towards all people of all cultures.  She painted mostly portraits of the indigenous black people who lived in the area.

We also toured a waterman’s museum while in St. Michaels.  We saw the history of some of the light houses, also toured one that had been moved, viewed boat making, the history of the Bay, and also the history of the crabbing industry.  There were about 5 buildings with different displays in them.  White Boots are part of the waterman’s wardrobe – as well as that of our shrimpers in SC and Georgia.  Here Hank is trying on a pair we came across at the museum.  Lookin’ good!!!!!


Dead Rise work boats ready to head out to the Bay

We then drove to Tilghman Island where we enjoyed lunch along side a draw bridge overlooking a narrow cut thru to the Chesapeake Bay from  the Choptank River.   Choptank– another word I really like!!   This draw bridge, Knapps Narrows Bridge, is the busiest draw bridge in the nation.   I believe it!!   As we were having lunch the bridge was constantly going up and down.   That bridge tender has no chance to sleep on the job!!!!

We elected to cruise back across the Chesapeake going thru this cut yesterday.  Very shallow waters at low tide, but we managed to get thru it without any problems.   The area near the bridge is full of watermen who were bringing their catches and baskets of crabs to the shore for processing.   Lots of action!!

Knapps Narrows Bridge, Tilghman Island, MD

From Tilghman Island we then drove to Bellevue to catch a ferry to Oxford.  Thus making a big circle.  We were the only car and people on the ferry boat.  After striking up a conversation with the ferry boat captain, Tom, he invited Hank and I to join him “up high” in his wheel house.   Great ride, for 15 minutes.!!!!   INTERESTING fact — this ferry route has been in existence since the late 1600’s – I think 1683!!!!   Not this particular boat, obviously, but the fact that this “route” has been going on for all of this time is amazing!!!!!

We dropped off grocery items and other purchases at the boat, then drove back to Enterprise in Easton to return the rental car.   Bay Country taxi service then returned us to Salt Lick.

June 1, 2016

Today we cruised, once again, back across the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore.  As mentioned above, we did take this cut from the Choptank River to the Bay.  The day was very hazy with sunshine, and mirror like water.

We are now docked in Baltimore in a service marina.  There are small boats here as well as two large ships at the end of our dock.  We have work scheduled, MD appointments to attend, as well as Salt Lick needing a couple of things repaired.  NOTHING major – thankfully!!!    So will be here for a few weeks.

Back to everyone again soon.


IMG_4387 (1)

4 thoughts on “Hello to June 6/2/16

  1. Now I know why it was so difficult to leave a comment. That’s what it says, “Leave a comment.” Why did you make it so difficult? Enjoy Baltimore and your trip to Indy.


  2. The pool is the perfect temp and I FINALLY cleaned the back porch in time for my neighborhood luncheon…… Teaching 9 children watercolor on Monday. Pray for me …. Seriously!!!


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