Had a great visit today with long time friends – Jack and Doris – who drove up to Baltimore to visit from their home a couple of hours South of here.   I don’t know about them, but I have a smile on my face just recalling our conversations.   We decided we had about 30 plus years of life to catch up with.   Altho’ the yearly Christmas cards have helped to pave the way!

Thank you both for taking the time and  making the effort to connect!   You are special. Love ya bunches for that.

Meet Jack and Doris!!

Salt Lick update

Hey all, have missed reaching out to everyone.  So here goes with a little status update.

Hank — had a good week working in PA with a rep. followed by a busy week back on the Island doing personal business and seeing various medical gurus ( something that goes along with our age?? ), and also catching up with a few friends, but not all, as the days were filled, and now he is working in Dallas at a food show.

Janet – attended a women’s council meeting at IU, met up with Hank in PA for a couple of days, worked on personal business and also had those various MD visits while on HHI, now back on the boat in Baltimore awaiting the installation of a new holding tank for our waste system.   NO problems with it, it is just old and we felt a preventative approach was better than awaiting a failure of the system.   🙂    We have also had a couple of other small items taken care of while being here for the month.

Janet —- also doing the “happy dance” as the eye MD gave me the go ahead for scuba diving.   Not that this has any thing to do with the cruising blog, but it is great news to share.  Had missed playing the piano, so was happy to be back on the bench pounding on the key board while at home.

Boat chores have been on my “to-do” list for the past couple of days.   But today was declared an exploration day for me.   Off I went via UBER to Fort McHenry.  We cruised past this Fort coming here to the marina a couple of weeks ago.   This was the place  ( out in the harbor)  where Francis Scott Key penned the words to our National Anthem.   The years of War with England, the War of 1812, had progressed to the burning of Washington, our Capitol , by the British and their next city to take over was deemed to be Baltimore.

Francis Scott Key along with another gentleman had sailed out into the Chesapeake to meet the British fleet in order to request the release of one of the prisoners they had taken.  After dining and meeting with them, he did obtain the prisoner’s release, but he also had been made privy to the plans of the British to attack the city of Baltimore.!!!!    SO — what could they do, but hold him and his buddy captive on the ship, as it was getting ready to attack Baltimore.

WHAT IS most interesting, is that this meeting/negotiation took place either on or near the shores of Tangier Isalnd.   We learned that the local minister there had a prayer service for the British prior to the battle, but he also predicted that they would be defeated as they attempted to capture Baltimore!!!!!   How prophetic.

The visit to Fort McHenry was very interesting.  All museums have the obligatory “movie” – at the end of this one, our National Anthem was beginning to be played.  Out troops one of the park rangers, who stands in front of the screen, facing it, and salutes.!!   By this time we were all standing with hands over our hearts………at the end of the song, UP goes the movie screen to reveal this huge glass window thru which we could see the Stars and Stripes on the flag pole at the exact same spot  where it was during this battle of Baltimore!!     Oh yeah, heart beating fast, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.   WOW

Once these words were published and put to music, the song spread within 6 weeks to all 15 States from Mass. to Georgia.  It was not officially our National Anthem until sometime in the 1930’s.

I later went to Fells Point and enjoyed raw oysters and a vodka.  I then took a water taxi to the Inner Harbor and from there UBER back to the marina.   A wonderful day, even tho’ it rained.   ( rain jacket and umbrella NOT  with me — costly plastic poncho saved the day)

Tomorrow I will meet up with long time friends who live a couple of hours away from here.  They plan to move to the NorthWest soon, so I am so happy we are getting together.  It has been over 20 years since we last saw each other.

DO YOU KNOW WHY THAT FLAG WAS CALLED THE “STAR SPANGLED BANNER”??              It had 15 stars and 15 stripes of alternating red and white.   At that time there were 15 States in our Union.  The “stars” were ” spangled ”  due to the fact that on the flag they are all tilted and at an angle.  Something to keep in mind for your next trivia game.



Holding the large garrison flag- ranger in middle, white shirt.

IMG_3201 (1)                   IMG_3210

NOTE black rain clouds.  Summer students playing the fife and drums!
Waiting on water taxi at Fort – later to find out I could not ride due to no tickets being sold FROM the Fort!   BUT – You can buy one to go there!!!!  (no logical explanation) 
GLIDDEN POINT OYSTERS FROM MAINE.  PHOTO REJECTED BY ALL FOOD MAGAZINES!! Also tasted two other varieties from PEI – Lucky Lime and Rocky Shore!

the above posted for Pam L. and the Harters……I liked the Lucky Lime oysters the best.

This last photo was taken by Hank, here at our marina, which we both agreed had the LOOK of what Francis Scott Key had seen – well sorta – like minus the tall buildings and that water tower.   ha


Blog taking a break……

Hank and I are off in different directions to attend to work and business needs.  Hank to PA and yours truly to Indiana.  Salt Lick will be getting a couple of items replaced and repaired during this time.  So back to you in about a week.

The ducks are still circling the boat —- but I think that is because I have been feeding them stale bread and  NOT because they are looking for those other ducks!!!!


A little Sunday afternoon hammock time.


Guess who came to visit??

June 4, 2016

My favorite niece and Hank’s third daughter, along with her fiancé, Justin, drove up from Alexandria to visit us today.   We had a great visit.  Went to the Inner Harbor for a late lunch of crabs and other seafood.   Under a red tent —- looks like it is tomato paste haze! We were NOT in the red light district….it just looks that way under these red tents with the sun shining thru.


Meghan and Justin are moving in about 10 days to New Orleans.   We are thrilled to have another excuse to visit one of our favorite cities.  Get that guest room ready.  🙂

The past couple of days have been spent doing boat chores and clean up.  We got a mail delivery, so book work needed to be attended to.   And I found a nail salon for a long overdue pedicure.   UUUMMMM   perhaps this is too much information to be sharing.   ha ha

Last night our entertainment was Hank playing these duck calls on our Bose sound system trying to confuse the local Mallards here at the marina.   They were on the dock next to the boat and would crane their necks up – looking onto the boat trying to figure out where these other ducks were!   It was hilarious.   BUT this evening, they are not buying into this scam.   Smarter than the average duck if you ask me!

Here are a few other pictures of Meghan, Justin and us from this afternoon.   Thank you Justin for driving us to a Target where we could get a replacement coffee press.   The glass decanter broke on the other one.    After several days of playing “settler” by having to boil coffee grounds in a sauce pan and then straining the coffee thru Bounty paper towels before drinking….I was desperate to get the new coffee press.  We did not buy any new slippers for Hank, as he likes the bear skin ones I made him.  OH —- and due to no laundry facilities at this marina, I also washed  shirts for Mr. Hank in the galley sink.  YEP — my “settler” days are over!!!!

Justin and Meghan  ( June 4,2016)



Hello to June 6/2/16

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 we rented a car to explore the area on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Oxford, MD where we were docked.  After being “boat bound” for a few days due to rains, we were glad to be out and about.  The rental car was located in Easton.  After running a few errands there, we drove to St. Michaels.  This old community has a lot of charm, somewhat on a larger scale than that of Oxford.  We viewed a very good art exhibit = “Ruth Starr Rose  (1887-1965)   Revelations of African American Life in Maryland and the World”.  This was held in the Waterfowl Building and was free to the public.  Ruth Rose was a daughter of wealthy parents who instilled in her an open attitude towards all people of all cultures.  She painted mostly portraits of the indigenous black people who lived in the area.

We also toured a waterman’s museum while in St. Michaels.  We saw the history of some of the light houses, also toured one that had been moved, viewed boat making, the history of the Bay, and also the history of the crabbing industry.  There were about 5 buildings with different displays in them.  White Boots are part of the waterman’s wardrobe – as well as that of our shrimpers in SC and Georgia.  Here Hank is trying on a pair we came across at the museum.  Lookin’ good!!!!!


Dead Rise work boats ready to head out to the Bay

We then drove to Tilghman Island where we enjoyed lunch along side a draw bridge overlooking a narrow cut thru to the Chesapeake Bay from  the Choptank River.   Choptank– another word I really like!!   This draw bridge, Knapps Narrows Bridge, is the busiest draw bridge in the nation.   I believe it!!   As we were having lunch the bridge was constantly going up and down.   That bridge tender has no chance to sleep on the job!!!!

We elected to cruise back across the Chesapeake going thru this cut yesterday.  Very shallow waters at low tide, but we managed to get thru it without any problems.   The area near the bridge is full of watermen who were bringing their catches and baskets of crabs to the shore for processing.   Lots of action!!

Knapps Narrows Bridge, Tilghman Island, MD

From Tilghman Island we then drove to Bellevue to catch a ferry to Oxford.  Thus making a big circle.  We were the only car and people on the ferry boat.  After striking up a conversation with the ferry boat captain, Tom, he invited Hank and I to join him “up high” in his wheel house.   Great ride, for 15 minutes.!!!!   INTERESTING fact — this ferry route has been in existence since the late 1600’s – I think 1683!!!!   Not this particular boat, obviously, but the fact that this “route” has been going on for all of this time is amazing!!!!!

We dropped off grocery items and other purchases at the boat, then drove back to Enterprise in Easton to return the rental car.   Bay Country taxi service then returned us to Salt Lick.

June 1, 2016

Today we cruised, once again, back across the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore.  As mentioned above, we did take this cut from the Choptank River to the Bay.  The day was very hazy with sunshine, and mirror like water.

We are now docked in Baltimore in a service marina.  There are small boats here as well as two large ships at the end of our dock.  We have work scheduled, MD appointments to attend, as well as Salt Lick needing a couple of things repaired.  NOTHING major – thankfully!!!    So will be here for a few weeks.

Back to everyone again soon.


IMG_4387 (1)