addition to previous blog

Photo taken by Jim Kettering as we were departing Toler’s Cove  4/29/16.   Meant to post it earlier.

Another thought about the start of this adventure.   A great deal of the work involved in getting ready to leave can be equated to MOVING out of one house into another.   Only this new home is a boat!!!!    For all that is involved…..stopping/changing mail, newspaper delivery, taking care of utilities, putting what few plants one has out to foster care and/or adoption with big time guarantees that is they don’t survive, it is not the end of the World, establishing ways of paying bills, and the list goes on and on.  Big challenge is to get all of your personal belongings and business “records” can stored in some small space within the approximate 432 square feet of space on a boat.    NO WONDER we are tired.  🙂