Crossing the Bay

Wed., May 25, 2016

Yesterday we went to Jamestown and Yorktown, VA to continue our history lessons and tours.  Once Jamestown was established as the headquarters of government, Williamsburg fell into decline.  At historic Jamestown we learned more of the story of the early Colonists and their relationship with the Powhatan Indians.  This is where the tales of Pocahontas, the daughter of the Chief of the Powhatans  and Captain Smith are brought forth.  History is not very clear about their relationship, but most commonly told is that Pocahontas saved the Captain from death while he was held captive by the Powhatan Indian tribe.

Their times and lives were very difficult and even with additional peoples being sent from England, the death rates were very high among the early settlers.  Mostly from starvation.

We learned that Pocahontas married an Englishman and they, along with their infant son, sailed to England to promote the new colonies.  But while there, Pocahontas fell ill and died.  She is buried at Gravesend, England.

Yorktown is a quaint small town right on the York River.  In retrospect, we should have stayed at Wormley Creek, as it was “right” there…………but we didn’t realize it.   OH -well.  While walking around Yorktown we visited a small Waterman’s museum.  A couple of interesting ladies in the museum were fun to chat with.   Afterwards we found a waterside restaurant where we indulged in local oysters out of Monday Creek.  IMG_2040.JPG

These oyster shells are very beautiful with delicate scolloped edges.  I took one which I hope to send off to England for a program honoring Pocahontas this coming June.  I think she needs an oyster shell from her home waters to be put on her grave.!!!!!

Today – Wed. – was a boat traveling day.  We cruised across the Chesapeake Bay from Fishing Bay, past Tangier Island to Crisfield, MD.  Adios to Virginia and hello Maryland.  The day was warm, finally, sunny, and the seas were flat.   GREAT crossing.  About the only exciting thing we saw were a fleet of about 4-5 menhaden fishing boats and a couple of barges.


Tomorrow we are booked on a ferry boat to go to Tangier Island.  There is limited docking space at this island, so that is why we are taking the ferry.    Will spend the night in the famous “Hilda Crockett’s B & B and restaurant”.  A few years ago, Hank met one of the grandsons while on an airplane.  Thus, making this ONE of the reasons to visit Tangier Island!!

2 thoughts on “Crossing the Bay

    1. YES we do!! ha I here you and Jean may be doing a road trip ??? Hope graduation went off without any stumbles and that you are ready for some r&r and family time. Hugs…..


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