May 23, 2016 Land trip

Enterprise Rental car was obtained today and we went off exploring historic Williamsburg, VA.  We were experiencing “cabin/boat” fever after being on the boat for two and 1/2 days watching the rains.

The driver from Enterprise who came to pick us up was named James Waller.  He is a descendant of a male slave and a female Native American from the Mattaponi tribe.  His great, great, great Grandfather escaped from a plantation in NC and arrived in this area of the Chesapeake, close to Gloucester, VA.  He was one of the Buffalo Soldiers fighting in Texas during the Civil War.  James Waller was a  very interesting man who not only enlisted in the Army, but after that,  he met a guy in the Navy who told him he could see the World from a ship — so he then joined the Navy.   With a deep belly laugh, he told us he was NEVER on a ship and was placed on land in a ship building area.  He has raised 8 children, 6 girls and 2 boys.  All are grown now and doing well.   While touring around historic Williamsburg we came across this street sign.  I think this family name is pretty important!


A person could spend several days visiting the various exhibits, buildings, museums, “living” workshops, etc. that are a part of this American treasure.  I will admit that the physical place itself is a lot larger than I had thought it would be, covering many acres.

We had lunch in one of the old taverns, The King’s Arms,  where we enjoyed chicken pot pies served in old pewter dishes.  A lady in costume walked thru the dining room playing old songs of the era on a recorder       ( AND NO – I did not burst out in song!)


We saw the Capitol building of Virginia where much of the language we now have in our Constitution was “birthed”.  The docent was excellent.

Below is the Capital building clock and a photo of the docent in the government meeting rooms.

IMG_4362 (2)


We also toured a silver smith shop, the blacksmith shop, the jail, the local Williamsburg village court house and saw the sign for the shoemaker!!


Love these rain soaked sheep!


Hank was arrested for drunkenness and I was arrested for not attending church services.   Tough rules to live by!

IMG_4373 (1).jpg

Tomorrow, while we await the arrival of  a part for the wifi booster, we will visit Yorktown.   Wed. should bring good weather for us to  leave Fishing Bay Marina , Deltaville, VA and cross over to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay — providing our legal beagle can get us out of these stockades!!!



4 thoughts on “May 23, 2016 Land trip

  1. Thanks for keeping us all posted on your whereabouts and adventures. You have been gone a short time, but already seen some interesting things, overcome boat issues and met some fascinating people. Randy and I hope we can meet up with you somewhere along your journey. (:


    1. Good AM — thank you. And who knows, perhaps we can meet up somewhere along the way. It would have to be spur of the moment, I think, as this boat seems to have a schedule ALL her own. ha 🙂


  2. Missing you. So fun to follow your most interesting travels. Closed on Katie’s house today. So exciting. Just had dinner with her and her other parents. Back to HH tomorrow. Hugs. Susan


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