BIG rain day – again

Sat., May 21, 2016 —–  blogging from Deltaville, VA.

Initial plans were to depart the Norfolk area on Wed. but due to bad weather we did not.  Thursday we did cruise about 45 miles out into the Chesapeake Bay and up the York River near Yorktown.  A cold and windy day with seas about 3 feet.  We made our way into this extremely narrow creek with not much depth to a place called Wormley Creek Mariina.  We made a slight error in navigating and “bumped” the bottom.   NO damage and no one had to be called to the rescue.

As Hank was in the marina office checking us in, I began the wash down of the boat with fresh water.  HOLY MOLY — I saw steam coming out of the pulpit area where our 50 amp power cord was plugged in!    RACE to shut of power inside the boat, then out onto the dock to the power box to shut off the breaker and then unplug the large power cable.   Back onto the boat to investigate engine room, crawl up past the bed to check the anchor locker area,as that was what was near it, and eyeballs and nose sniffing around like a mad dog!!   NO smell of burning smoke…..thankfully, but the power cable was hot to touch as well as the power plate area where the fuses are located and the actual connection.  By this time Hank is back on board wondering what the heck is going on.   SO — to make a long story short,,,,,,,, we discovered , due to poor design of the power connection area at the bow of the boat, that there was water trapped back behind this cover plate that was actually boiling and causing the steam.

The whole afternoon was spent taking everything apart, cleaning, drying, drilling weep holes to prevent this in the future, and then resealing the cover plate.   DRUM ROLL — reconnect to shore power, flip the switch!!!!!    YAY —- all is well.   Then we checked it like a new born baby every 15 minutes to make sure it stayed that way.   🙂   🙂

Alas, side trip to visit Williamsburg and Yorktown were not in the picture.   😦

Yesterday, Friday, we traveled about 36 miles Northward to Deltaville, VA.   We had a beautiful day yesterday – sunny but very cold.  Piloting the boat from the inside instead of from the fly bridge due to the cold.  We are on the Piankatank River at Fishing Bay Marina. Fishing Bay, according the the nautical charts is just north of Godfrey Bay.   This area is well protected and somewhat remote, but very pretty.

WE re-provisioned late yesterday afternoon.  Today is catch up day for business, boat cleaning, and hopefully laundry.   It is pouring down rain and may be like this all day.   I don’t even want to get off the boat to trudge up to the laundry facility.   😦

Friday Date night I spent with pirate Buc.  Hank had crashed early.   We both like his company and he agrees with everything we say.!


Of interest, the former Presidential yacht,  Sequoia, is under wraps here at the marina and up on the hard.  It is reported that the raccoons have taken it over and are due to be removed within a few days.  History of this yacht states that when Winston Churchill came to visit the USA, President Roosevelt had this Navy vessel at that time, de-commissioned, so that Mr. Churchill could “imbibe” at will while here in the States.  Then after he left, the yacht was re-commissioned back into the Navy and government service.


Some of the many Navy ships that we cruised by on our way out of Norfolk.


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