Rain Day

Today is Tuesday and I know that because the Tues. section of daily medications to be taken was up next……..seriously, some days I am not certain what day it really is!!

We are sitting at TidewaterMarina in Portsmouth, VA.  We are directly across from the Sheraton hotel in Norfolk where we were a couple of weeks ago for the Great Loop Rendezvous.   It is rather cool and it has been raining all day.   So Tues. became a day of rest and catching up on paper work, emails, and general reorganizing.   We have determined our next days of travel and reservations have been made at the two marinas.  Mail is being forwarded for us to receive on Thursday and all is well with the World.

This evening we had dinner with Looper friends Steve and Vivian from Arkansas.   We have had a lot of fun these past several days traveling with them.   They are headed back home for a couple of weeks.  Perhaps our wakes will cross each other again as we both journey Northward.

Salt Lick was boarded by pirate Buc the other day and dang it all — he showed up again today.   Not certain if this is a real pirate or Ralph Mace disguised as such!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Rain Day

      1. Yeah — that pirate Buc was my Friday night date as the Hankster crashed early with feelings of a cold onset. 😦 Big time rains and winds today so sitting in Deltaville, VA. XO


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