Whew – today we cruised across the Albemarle Sound.   9 1/2 years ago when we purchased the boat and brought it down from Conn. to GA., we made a crossing of this body of water that was one of the most difficult cruising days ever!!   It was December, 2006, it was cold, and the waves were 4-5 feet and increasing to about 6 feet!!   Salt Lick was taking green water up and over the bow.  For 2 long hours this gal was hanging onto that helm wheel with all her might.   Waves coming at us and waves hitting us on the side/beam.   Hank would have the binoculars at the ready to spot the markers when we would come up on top of a wave.

SO – today, the crossing was a piece of cake!!   It was cold and windy, but the seas were relatively calm compared to our previous experience.   At least this time,  we got to actually see the surroundings and what the sound was really like.

Yesterday was a beautiful day of cruising.  We departed Belhaven Waterway Marina and cruised 52 miles to Alligator River Marina.  Along the way we spotted one large Bald Eagle.  The rest of the area we went thru was rather boring.   We traversed the Alligator /Pungo canal.   This canal was dug to connect the Pungo and Alligator Rivers and is a straight run for several miles between the two.The Alligator river is a large wide river, but it is not very deep.

One day in the future when I am able to get another dog – that dog will be named PUNGO!! Don’t you love that name???

Bird of Prey, with Steve and Vivien aboard, followed to Alligator River and along with us today to Coinjock Marina and Restaurant.   We have reservations for dinner where not only a boater who passed us by, but others have said you can get  the best steak ever at the only show in town!!   They are also noted for their prime rib.   Traveling with my foodie guy, food becomes a highlight!   Speaking of which, last evening we had some great fried chicken at the Shell Gas station behind which we were docked for the night.   There is NOTHING else around, and Ms. Wanda, who is the owner of the station, marina and small boat ramp, takes really good care of her customers.

Since departing Hilton Head Island on April  27th, this is day #11 of cruising and day #19 of the trip.   We have traveled 540.5 miles – about a 10th of what the total trip will be.

All is going well ——UNLESS – I get arrested and put into jail for disagreements with the MO  (managing owner).  HA HAIMG_3079.JPG

This was the back of the gas station at Alligator River Marina where we docked and then had dinner.    The lighthouse is a small replica of the Hatteras Lighthouse.  IMG_3077.JPG

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