New skill for the Captain

Today we had a short cruise of only 28 miles to Oriental, NC.  Hank and I stayed at this marina 9 1/2 years ago when we had purchased the boat and were bringing it from Conn. to Ga..  It is a lovely small marina right in the heart of Oriental.

Our plan was to see Ashley Erwin who lives here.  We purchased our lot and dock property in Georgia from him and his wife several years ago.   Sadly we are missing him as his father is not well and he is in NM caring for him.  A rather sad note, as Carol, his wife, died about a year ago of cancer.  Life brings us difficult times to deal with.  And sometimes all at once.  So Ashley – if you read this,  we did raise a glass of cheer to you and your Dad this evening.  Hopefully our paths will cross again one day.

So – the MO – managing owner, aka Hank Barrett – has  declared today an A+ day for my docking skills.  He and the harbor master, Tom, gave me a good grade in my docking skills. As one moves North and the tides are more minimal, the need for floating docks disappears  So in docking you tie up to these pilings/posts that are in the water.   Today when we arrived at Oriental Marina, we pulled in bow first, but realized my vertically challenged self wouldn’t be able to easily get off and on the boat, SO, I moved the boat out of the slip , turned her around, and BACKED into this dock space between two sail boats!    THIS WAS A FIST for me!!   YAY   — and no damage to the dock, the other boats or to our boat.   ha    🙂

I must say, there is something to be said for no currents and no wind messing around with your boat!

Well, enough about me.   Tomorrow we may sit here OR head out.  It depends upon the weather situation in the AM.   There are forecasts for thunderstorms and higher winds.  As for tonight, we are safely tucked away in a quiet little harbor and marina.  All is well and I hope the same for all of you.


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