Lopsided galloping horse

Today we cruised mostly on the Neuse River and in making a turn on our route the waves and wind were creating a most uncomfortable ride.   I likened it to a seriously lopsided galloping horse…..!!   Thankfully that lasted only about an hour and soon we were  in flat calm seas.  Clouds and mild rain were also a part of the day.  Now we are docked in Belhaven, NC.

Lunch was a short 1/2 block walk into town where we lunched  and met with owner Teresa at her restaurant called Spoon River Artworks and Market.  Very good and a nice compliment to our cruising day of 48 miles.  It is raining now, but not storming.  Teresa formerly was a baker and ran a bakery along with an interior design firm.   A rather strange combination.   She also did some set designs for the film industry in LA.   After 5 years she said that was enough and then decided to open a wine shop and restaurant.   She is a local gal whose husband has a flower farm where he grows and sells flower bulbs!   This town has a population of around 1200.   Makes you wonder what life stories the rest of the place has to tell!!!!

After the rain stops I am using my boat bike   ( a fold up bike)  to peddle to the local Walgreens for my eye drops prescription.   We are planning two longer days of cruising starting tomorrow with a goal of getting to Norfolk, VA by Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone.


5 thoughts on “Lopsided galloping horse

  1. Thanks for the birthday card. Envy you the shrimp.
    Keep up the blogging Love it and the. Characters along the way.


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