Beaufort (aka Bo-), NC

We arrived here in Beaufort, NC, pronounced “Bo-fort”, as opposed to Beaufort, SC, pronounced “Bu-fort”.   This is a quaint and old coastal town with several restaurants and shops all along the waterfront.  We have been here before, but never docked here on the boat.   After settling in we will walk to a local restaurant for dinner.

Yesterday while in Sneads Ferry, we borrowed the marina loaner car and ran some errands.   Last Fall and other times when we have borrowed this “ride”, the car bounced around, was very rough looking and the interior was a mess with old fast food sacks, etc..  Well — we thought perhaps this was Enterprise car rental as yesterday the same car had been totally cleaned on the interior, it had a new paint job, and maybe the shocks had been fixed.  There is still no air conditioning, but hey, this is a freebe!!   There was a strange electrical cord/wire that wrapped around the steering column that might have been to make the turn signals work, we didn’t ask!!   🙂

As we will find along this journey, one gets services such as hair cuts , etc. when and where you can.   The UPS mailing center was located inside a small engine and motor repair business.  One just can’t be too picky!

Late yesterday afternoon as promised, Danny arrived on our dock with the 5 pound delivery of shrimp!!   They are huge – about 6 inches long, and look delicious.  Presently they are de-headed and now residing in the baby freezer compartment of the refrigerator..

Take a look at these guys…….IMG_2001.JPG

The marina loaner car in front of the SEMPER FI hair cut place.  Camp Lejune nearby.IMG_3064.JPG

Hank working in his new office!IMG_3063.JPG

Once we docked we were invited over onto Sid and Kathy’s boat for a beer.   They had followed us here from Swan Point Marina in Sneads Ferry.  They are from Canada and have recently sold their boat to other Canadians and are delivering the boat from Florida back up to Canada.   They are on a bit of a schedule, but I have a feeling we will be seeing them again along the waterways.

We bought a couple more waterway guide books and Hank bought a coconut head pirate!   Guess that will be hung somewhere on the fly bridge.  Doesn’t every cruiser need one??




4 thoughts on “Beaufort (aka Bo-), NC

  1. Finally got a chance to sit down and marvel over the beginning days of your great adventure. Janet you are a natural at writing this blog. So looking forward to the next chapter in this historic documentary!⚓


    1. Rastus ‘n Bobbie —- great to hear from you. Not so sure about this being a historic documentary, but it is fun to do. I plan to print out the blog once we are finished, as can then have it as my journal of the trip. I LOG without the B every day we cruise to maintain the ship’s log. Then there is the blogging, and I sometimes like to write in my personal journal. I have NO time for anything else. ha ha That is why blogging will not happen daily. 🙂 Plus, some days will be rather boring and not much to share. I pinch myself just to be sure we are really out here doing this. So hang on and enjoy the ride along with us.
      love ya Janet and Hank


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