Out of South Carolina…….

Today is Monday, May 9, 2016.  This is day 13 of the Great Loop adventure and we have cruised a total of 6 days.     After returning to Myrtle Beach, SC we departed last Sat. and arrived in Southport, NC  (Southport Marina)  where we have stayed previously.   There are several swing bridges and draw bridges that we encounter along our travels.  At one bridge we were the lead boat of 4 other trawlers requesting an opening.   That was a new experience.   No doubt will happen many other times along the way.  On another note, while cruising yesterday, we failed to look ahead regarding bridge openings, and had to wait for almost an hour for one to open.   Oh well — time for a lunch snack!

Hank noticed movement on a marshy island and with the binoculars we found two very FAT goats wandering around out there.   They had to have been put there by someone.  I just hope they had some source of fresh water.   Initially we thought they were wild boars.

Friend Bob Creech, stopped by our boat late afternoon.  He lives in Southport and is a Port Captain with MTOA ( a trawler boating group we belong to) as well as a Harbor Captain for the AGLCA ( the Great Loop boating group).   He will assist boaters with “needs” from a mechanic to a medicine man!   Thankfully, we required neither one.

Yesterday we left Southport and arrived in Sneads Ferry, NC.  This was a 62 mile run.  We are staying for the fourth time at this very funky marina called Swan Point Marina.  The day was very long and tiring, so we are docked here for a few nights.

Many osprey nests on the day markers with Moms and /or Pops sitting on the nests.  It is going to be a bumper crop of ospreys this year.  uuuummmm   as Hank says, can you imagine having as your first meal of your life being regurgitated fish???   Yeah – he is ill!!

We were greeted by Evelyn who runs this marina along with her daughter, Tina Turner.   Evelyn delivered hot, out of the oven cinnamon coffee cake for our breakfast this morning. NICE.   These two women drove off their husbands and took over the marina a few years ago.  There are a few folks who live here full time.   Vince and Laura – who came for a day over a year ago and are still here,  Glen, who lives on a sailboat and drives a tug boat/barge once in a while, and this guy named Danny with a wandering eye who also lives on a sailboat.  We thought he had left, but he showed up on the dock last evening!!   We shared some beers with him, and after about an hour he wandered off promising to bring us some shrimp on Tues.

For today it is chores  — laundry ( tried to do that a few days ago, but the dryer would not function  :()    , some minor repairs Hank is doing on the boat, cleaning, and paper work/business things for me.   Well —this isn’t very exciting news, but as you can tell, it is what we do while living aboard a boat.   Just like home!!!!


3 thoughts on “Out of South Carolina…….

  1. Sounds pretty cool to me Not at all like home really. Keep the stories coming. We share your experience as you share your experiences.


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