Rendezvous completed

Good morning from cold Myrtle Beach and Salt Lick!   We arrived back at the boat last night after being in Norfolk, VA for the Great Loop Spring Rendezvous.  There were around 265 people in attendance from Canada, Alaska, South Dakota, France and even a delightful Kiwi chap from New Zealand!!!   We were able to get some of our  questions answered and in my mind, just helped to better visualize the next several month’s travels.   We also met some interesting and fun people that I am certain we will run into again along the way.

Today we are doing grocery shopping, laundry and general regrouping with the hopes of being able to head out tomorrow  on the ICW.   Weather and boat checks first and then we will go.   My guess is we will aim for Southport, NC area as the destination.

We are now truly live-aboard boaters doing the Great Loop!

6 thoughts on “Rendezvous completed

  1. Janet and Hank. Jeanne gave me your blog and I will be following along with the two of you. What a wonderful adventure you have planned. Will miss seeing you here at the “Rivah”.


    1. Kaye — glad to have you along for the ride. Will miss EVERYONE as we progress on this adventure. But OH — the stories we will be able to tell upon our return. 🙂 hugs


    1. Hey Glo — today we really felt we were on our way finally! Now at Southport Marina in Southport, NC. Friend Bob Creech from MTOA and great loop group came by the boat to say hello. THIS is going to be a blast. Hank at the marina offices getting a briefing on the weather for the next several days. Boat is getting lots of compliments after her re-do. woohoo….Mr. Hank puffs his chest up like a rooster. ha take care of you……XO


  2. I have been on here before Jan, but wasnt sure how to see the map you are talking about, that your slow boat to china is going to take? LOL


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