The trip begins::::::

It has been declared – tomorrow morning at 0700, we will take off the lines from the dock and begin the Great Loop journey.

With the company of friends Wig and Vickie, we picked up Salt Lick from the boat yard last Thursday, April 21st.  Since that time Hank and I have been furiously working like mad to do other items and to provision the boat for departure.   It is late on Tues., 4/26/16, and there are some interesting things to share, but it is off to bed for a very early morning and a long day of cruising ahead of us.

I think there may be a shock factor happening here, as it seems almost unreal that the adventure is beginning.   Next post will have some photos of the boat after being spit shined and new canvas put on.

3 thoughts on “The trip begins::::::

  1. Good luck, have fun and don’t hurt yourselves! That’s what I always tell Ken before playing tennis. Seems appropriate here. Let us know when and where we can meet you for a bit of the trip!


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