Today we have arrived at Grand Dunes Marina in Myrtle Beach, SC.   As noted, this is day 4 of the adventure.   Tomorrow we head to the rendezvous via 4 wheels and once we return we feel there will be less of a schedule and more time to smell the roses along the way.  Or, as we have been smelling these past two days, the Carolina Jasmine!   It is wonderful and there are very large tree like bushes of this fragrant flower growing wild along the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway.   Lovely.

When we went to retrieve Salt Lick from the boat yard a week ago, they would not accept my personal check for the final payment, since we were leaving the yard with the boat.   I was driven over to my bank branch in Savannah to get a cashiers check!   Not a problem, just a bit of a pain.   SO – the bank manager who had to approve the check, came out of her little cubby and wanted to know if I was buying a boat!!!    OH —- what a hoot!!   No, just paying for part of some boat work!   Really funny.

Day 3 we spent the night in Georgetown, SC.  At that marina there were 4 boats that are doing the Loop.  Naturally, docktails – aka cocktails on the dock, were in order.   Followed by a group of us heading into town for dinner.   Many different walks of life these individuals present.  Airline pilots, doctors, corporate pilots, engineers, real estate sales people, teachers and the list goes on and on.  This is just a small taste of what is to come.

On Friday, April 29th, Becky and Jim Kettering picked us up at Toler’s Cove Marina where we went out to breakfast, had a boat showing, and they waved us off the dock as we continued the journey North.   Great fun to have a short visit with long time friends.  Thanks for breakfast you two!!

  1. Salt Lick
  2. Becky and Shoemaker!!!


Day #1 —– a false crawl!

Greetings family and friends.

We began the day as planned, 7:00AM lines off the dock, with assistance of friend Susan Williams up bright and early to wave us goodby, of off we went.   OH MY — something was not right, as the boat seemed to be having some throttle issues, or something.   We turned around at Buck Isalnd and headed back to the marina.   For those of us who live on the coast, our loggerhead turtles will often do a false crawl to the beach to lay their eggs, only to turn around and go back into the ocean to try again another day.   That is what I felt like this morning.

Many thanks to Thunderbolt Marina for phone support and with Hank spending time in the engine room doing whatever…. we made a short sea trial back out the creek to Buck Island and all Seemed to be in order.


This evening we are docked at Dataw Island Marina enjoying a beautiful sunset.  Our many thanks for the bon voyage dinners, toasts, well wishes.   We are officially on our way.

I will not be blogging everyday, but will do so as frequently as we think we should OR if there is something very exciting happening.!!!!   Next big step will be for me to figure out how to post some photos.        cheers to all…..Janet and Hank     (see map of our route – we are taking the Erie Canal )



The trip begins::::::

It has been declared – tomorrow morning at 0700, we will take off the lines from the dock and begin the Great Loop journey.

With the company of friends Wig and Vickie, we picked up Salt Lick from the boat yard last Thursday, April 21st.  Since that time Hank and I have been furiously working like mad to do other items and to provision the boat for departure.   It is late on Tues., 4/26/16, and there are some interesting things to share, but it is off to bed for a very early morning and a long day of cruising ahead of us.

I think there may be a shock factor happening here, as it seems almost unreal that the adventure is beginning.   Next post will have some photos of the boat after being spit shined and new canvas put on.